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Growing up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section Brooklyn, I watched my neighborhood experience gentrification. As property values increased, I was no longer able to afford to become a homeowner and begin the process of creating generational wealth and fitness lifestyle for my family.  After doing extensive research on how to build wealth through real estate, I decided in 2016 to pursue purchasing my first Multi family home in Jersey City, New Jersey. In that same year, I became a homeowner, landlord, and obtained my master’s degree in public administration all focusing on my purpose and mission in life.

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What They Say

Sarah S

Miller takes an interesting angle on success and happiness, drawing an explicit connection between your physical and financial health. I appreciated the frank acknowledgement of the fact that working toward financial freedom looks different for everyone and we don’t all start in the same place, and there’s a lot of variance in how financial freedom can be understood. The book offers useful insight about our emotional relationship with money, and the often hard-to-define factors that can interfere with your financial goals, and how to work through them. Encouraging and hopeful, this book is a rewarding read whether or not you’re looking for financial advice.

Laura A.

The discipline you put into how you manage your goals will determine what kind of life you achieve. This remains just one of the takeaways in Curtis Miller’s inspiring manual Wealth & Fitness: The Keys to Self-Improvement. Miller’s upbringing in no way foreshadowed the successful man he is today. But, in looking at what he didn’t want out of life, he was able to ultimately take steps toward self-care and debt management in order to attain the dreams he wanted. Not without mistakes, Miller’s journey in and of itself is inspiring to read about. Furthermore, his approachable voice and practical guidance throughout the book allow readers to explore how to goal set and become their own best cheerleader in pursuit of financial freedom and a healthier self. You’ll learn why debt is a threat, how to make money work for you, how to squeeze exercise into your busy life, in what ways weight loss will lead to financial freedom, and why it all matters. Anyone can gain something from this well-written and intention-filled book. I am looking forward to putting his ideas into practice.

Patrick Barb

With Wealth & Fitness, author Curtis Miller takes the seemingly daunting subject of self-improvement and narrows it down to 2 key areas: financial well-being and physical well-being. While this might seem to be limiting to some, Miller shows how essential getting both right can be to overall improvement of life. Drawing from his own life experience, Miller’s advice is straightforward and easy to understand. It’s a welcome treat to have this type of practical guidance in one place where it can be read, re-read, and put into practice.


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