weight loss


Many people struggle with their weight loss journey and even beginners often make mistakes that can impede their progress.

However, by avoiding these three mistakes, you can ensure success in your weight loss journey. Without much experience, it is difficult to anticipate which mistakes you might make and how best to avoid them. First and foremost, starting your weight loss journey without proper guidance or research can lead you astray and cause more harm than good. With all the resources and dietary advice out there, it’s important to do your due diligence before beginning a fitness regimen.


many beginners are guilty of making drastic changes that are unsustainable in the long-term leading to disappointment when desired results aren’t met quickly enough. Finally, not giving yourself enough time for rest between workouts can cause gradual damage that may take months or years to repair. .

Not getting enough rest between workouts can cause gradual damage that may take months to repair.
-Exercises: Too few or too many of one type of exercises, like push-ups vs. back squats, can place a stress on the body in such a way that could lead to injury or overtraining.
-Nutrition: Consuming too much protein is associated with muscle breakdown and risk for injury due to reduced work capacity
-General Health: Lifting too heavy weight with poor form can lead to injury and overtraining One of the most common mistakes beginner bodybuilders make is performing too many exercises for their body to handle.The more you do, the more injuries you’ll sustain, and it will take longer for you to recover from those injuries.