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Growing up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section Brooklyn, I watched my neighborhood experience gentrification. As property values increased, I was no longer able to afford to become a homeowner and begin the process of creating generational wealth and fitness lifestyle for my family.  After doing extensive research on how to build wealth through real estate, I decided in 2016 to pursue purchasing my first Multi family home in Jersey City, New Jersey. In that same year, I became a homeowner, landlord, and obtained my master’s degree in public administration all focusing on my purpose and mission in life.

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What They Say

Sarah S

Miller takes an interesting angle on success and happiness, drawing an explicit connection between your physical and financial health. I appreciated the frank acknowledgement of the fact that working toward financial freedom looks different for everyone and we don’t all start in the same place, and there’s a lot of variance in how financial freedom can be understood. The book offers useful insight about our emotional relationship with money, and the often hard-to-define factors that can interfere with your financial goals, and how to work through them. Encouraging and hopeful, this book is a rewarding read whether or not you’re looking for financial advice.

Laura A.

The discipline you put into how you manage your goals will determine what kind of life you achieve. This remains just one of the takeaways in Curtis Miller’s inspiring manual Wealth & Fitness: The Keys to Self-Improvement. Miller’s upbringing in no way foreshadowed the successful man he is today. But, in looking at what he didn’t want out of life, he was able to ultimately take steps toward self-care and debt management in order to attain the dreams he wanted. Not without mistakes, Miller’s journey in and of itself is inspiring to read about. Furthermore, his approachable voice and practical guidance throughout the book allow readers to explore how to goal set and become their own best cheerleader in pursuit of financial freedom and a healthier self. You’ll learn why debt is a threat, how to make money work for you, how to squeeze exercise into your busy life, in what ways weight loss will lead to financial freedom, and why it all matters. Anyone can gain something from this well-written and intention-filled book. I am looking forward to putting his ideas into practice.

Patrick Barb

With Wealth & Fitness, author Curtis Miller takes the seemingly daunting subject of self-improvement and narrows it down to 2 key areas: financial well-being and physical well-being. While this might seem to be limiting to some, Miller shows how essential getting both right can be to overall improvement of life. Drawing from his own life experience, Miller’s advice is straightforward and easy to understand. It’s a welcome treat to have this type of practical guidance in one place where it can be read, re-read, and put into practice.


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Dollars and Desires: Money & Intimacy in Modern Relationships," drops wisdom from the dynamic duo Curtis Miller and Nioka Brownie, bringing an urban swag to the complex dance between finances and intimacy. With fifteen years of hustling side by side, raising two kids and creating a vibe in their household, the authors spill the real tea on how cash decisions play into emotional connections in today's relationships. This collab is a mixtape of personal stories, street-smart insights, and expert knowledge, offering the lowdown for couples navigating financial moves, managing shared duties, and facing the realness of emotional struggles tied to securing that bag. "Dollars and Desires" isn't just about stacking paper; it's a guide for couples looking to level up by decoding the game of financial well-being and deepening emotional bonds. This is a must-read for those wanting to ride the wave of modern love with an urban twist.

Author Biographies

Curtis Miller:
Curtis Miller, a Brooklyn native with an unyielding drive for self-improvement, has always aspired to uplift those around him. His journey took an unexpected turn when gentrification altered the landscape of his beloved neighborhood. Realizing that homeownership in Brooklyn was no longer feasible, Curtis delved into the world of real estate, eventually securing his first multi-family property in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 2016. That same year, he achieved the dual milestones of homeownership and a master’s degree in public administration.
In 2020, Curtis founded Ayden and Noah Holdings LLC, a real estate venture aimed at building generational wealth for his family. Concurrently, he embarked on a transformative quest for a healthier lifestyle, recognizing the importance of setting an example for his loved ones on multiple fronts. Documenting his journey on YouTube, Curtis shared his weight loss triumphs alongside his steps towards financial freedom, fostering a lifestyle centered on aiding others in their quest for success. It was at this juncture that Curtis decided to extend his wealth and fitness journey to a wider audience.
Despite holding a master’s degree, Curtis had long grappled with writing, but the loss of his mother revealed a profound purpose. He heeded her advice and, as a result, authored his first book, a self-help guide titled “Wealth & Fitness: The Keys to Self-Improvement.”
Currently residing in Jersey City, New Jersey, with his wife, Nioka, and their two children, Ayden and Noah, Curtis remains dedicated to motivating others through public speaking and his YouTube channel. For more insights into Curtis’s mission, his book, and the path to self-improvement, visit

Nioka Brownie:
Nioka Brownie’s journey from the busy streets of the Bronx, New York, to becoming a co-author of the groundbreaking book “Dollars and Desires: Money and Intimacy in Modern Relationships” has been shaped by her rich life experiences and unwavering determination.
Born and raised in the Bronx, Nioka’s roots run deep in this vibrant community. She understands the struggles and aspirations of the people, which would later serve as the foundation for her insightful perspectives on modern relationships.
Nioka’s educational journey began with an associate degree in Health Office Administration, a testament to her commitment to learning and personal development. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, a testament to her dedication to improving the lives of young children.
Her credentials go beyond academics; she holds a CDA Certification from the Infant and Toddler Child Development Association, emphasizing her expertise in child development and care.
Nioka is not only a woman of knowledge but also a mother of two sons, Ayden, and Noah. Her experiences as a mother have deepened her understanding of the dynamics of family life, relationships, and personal growth.
Her passion for helping others extends beyond the classroom and home. As a socialite and life of the party, Nioka has gained valuable insights into social dynamics, which are invaluable in understanding the complexities of modern relationships. Her bartending experience has allowed her to connect with people from all walks of life, further enriching her perspective.
Nioka’s life took a challenging turn in 2015 when she lost her mother to cancer. This loss temporarily derailed her educational pursuits, as grief took its toll. However, it was during this difficult period that her sons, Ayden and Noah, became her greatest sources of inspiration. They ignited a desire in her to strive for more, not just for herself but for their future.
Witnessing her husband write his first book and focus on his purpose and mission in life was another turning point. It inspired her to become the best version of herself, for her sons and for their shared journey as a family. Together, they envisioned building a family empire with a mission to help others, a vision that ultimately led to the creation of “Dollars and Desires.”
In co-writing “Dollars and Desires: Money and Intimacy in Modern Relationships,” Nioka Brownie brings a unique blend of personal experiences, academic knowledge, and a genuine passion for helping others. Her journey, marked by personal growth, family values, and a deep connection to her community, makes her a powerful voice in the realm of modern relationships.

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